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Why more broadband users should think about switching provider

23 April 2015 4487 Views
Why more broadband users should think about switching provider

Half of UK broadband users have never switched provider, according to new research carried out by comparison site Cable.co.uk. This alarming statistic is because most are scared off from shopping around by unfounded fears over ‘switching costs’.

The survey of 2,000 consumers also found that 43% of those who have switched in the past have only done so once. Primarily, this unwillingness to switch is down to the hassle involved in picking a new provider. People also worry about installing new equipment and being left without internet access for a period while the switchover takes place.

These concerns, however, do not play out in reality. Often, broadband providers will use retentions policies and scare tactics to convince customers they are better off staying put. This includes latching onto people’s uncertainties about potential installation issues and the switching process in general. In turn, they are likely to avoid browsing for deals that may better suit them.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, last year announced new proposals to make the process of switching between broadband providers easier. The ‘single switching process’, set to be introduced in June this year, will mean that customers are no longer required to contact their old supplier for more information, such as the MAC code, when they switch provider. When the new rules come into place, this will automatically be done by the new provider on behalf of the customer.

As a result, customers won’t be obliged to speak to their existing provider’s retentions team in order to switch, and will instead be able to search for better deals and packages to their heart’s content. In the past, retentions teams would have tried their hardest to talk customers out of leaving.

The fears stated above would not be a problem if you switched to a no contract broadband bundle with TenTel, with our focus on making things as easy and stress-fee as possible for our customers. Our no-contract policy provides great flexibility, meaning you are not tied into a restrictive and difficult to cancel 12 or 18 month agreement. We don’t oblige you to stay with us if you don’t think we’re doing a good enough job, all we ask for is 30 days’ notice.

In addition, there would be no worries over installation. Not only do we offer a free wireless router and free delivery, we also provide free installation and a guarantee of live phone and broadband on the day a tenant moves in. This alleviates any possibility of people being stranded without internet for a significant amount of time, music to the ears of those who work from home as well as students.

We have no cancellation fees and tailor our packages to the customer’s needs. As we said before, if you don’t like our service, you can switch anytime – something our fellow broadband providers don’t yet provide.

Ofcom’s new measures will give customers added choice and freedom and should help people to have much less anxiety when it comes to switching broadband in the future.

Are you thinking about switching? To find the best broadband deals we offer, please contact us on: 03330 112 3211.  

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