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All you need to know about fibre

26 May 2015 3570 Views
All you need to know about fibre

You’ve probably heard about it many times, but what actually is fibre optic broadband and why is such a fuss being made about it?

Well, fibre optic broadband is seen by those in the know as one of the most significant recent developments in broadband technology, giving users superfast download/upload speeds and transforming the way people access the internet. Buffering and slow downloading will be a thing of the past.

Fibre optic borrows its name from the cables it uses to carry data at very high speeds. The cables include up to 1,000 individual fibres of silica glass or plastic, with each fibre wire being roughly the thickness of a single human hair. The sciencey part goes as follows: every fibre’s signal (which is actually just light) is always reflected back to the fibre’s centre. This means there is very little drop in speed, irrespective of distance or even corners.

In layman’s terms this means you can download, stream, Skype, Spotify and YouTube to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that your connection is much less likely to cut out or come to a grinding halt. For the fastest and most reliable broadband, fibre leads the way.

The main advantage of fibre broadband is, of course, speed. Downloading a high-quality film takes much less time, browsing in general is speeded up, and you won’t be pulling your hair out as you watch your favourite series on Netflix and Amazon Prime and it stops and starts all the time. As for gamers, higher speeds should ensure less ‘lag’ and more responsiveness. In other words, fibre broadband guarantees a quicker, smoother online experience.

This type of product is becoming more widely available across the country as people seek broadband packages that allow them to easily access data-heavy content. At TenTel we have recently rolled out our new Fibre bundles, where customers can receive superfast speeds and huge download allowances from just £16.99 month.

While our fibre packages have to be taken out as an 18 month contract, we still provide a free router and free delivery. If you are a heavy internet user, it would be worth considering our “Hello Fibre Unlimited Bundle”. This gives you unlimited usage and download speeds of 80mb (even during peak times). So for all those serial downloaders and avid gamers out there, the £24.99 you pay for this package is a total snip.

Unfortunately, not every area in the UK is fibre enabled. If you’re not sure if fibre is available in your area, click here to see if your postcode falls in a superfast location.   

For more information about our fibre bundles and the other packages we offer, please get in contact with us on: 03330 112 3211.

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