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Work from home? Then you’ll need good phone and broadband

24 April 2015 4925 Views
Work from home? Then you’ll need good phone and broadband

With the number of people working from home at its highest levels since records began, the importance of good, reliable internet connection cannot be underestimated. 13.9% of the UK’s workforce (4.2 million people) currently work from home, with many of these self-employed or freelance. For most, access to the internet is a must.

Those working from home tend to be well-paid and highly skilled, often specialising in very niche or economically vital areas. Median wages for home workers are £13.23 an hour, compared with £10.50 an hour for other workers. In addition, 15% of home workers are senior officials or managers. As a result, they play a vital role in the country’s economy and won’t appreciate being slowed down by buffering, a loss of connection outright or any of the other issues that can occur with broadband.

For journalists, content writers, designers and researchers –all professions where deadlines regularly need to be met and browsing of the internet is a key part of the job description – dodgy or unreliable broadband is not going to go down well. In an office setting, people would expect fast, dependable access to the web as a given – why shouldn’t those working from home expect the same?

Keeping unnecessary overheads down is often a key consideration for home workers, particularly for the self-employed and those operating on a freelance basis. Freelancers, in particular, don’t want to be shelling out on a load of superfluous add-ons that could drastically reduce their income. They want quality and reliability, but they don’t want to be left out of pocket trying to achieve both these things.

This is where TenTel comes in. Not only do we offer no contract broadband, meaning our clients are not tied down to a 12 or even 18 month contract, we also provide a range of broadband bundles to get you online starting from just £1.99 a month. Our unlimited package, with up to 17Mb download speed, is only £9.99 a month. People working from home will probably be after unlimited usage from their internet package, so this offers the best of both worlds – unlimited data allowance for prices that are far from eye-watering. We also offer 10GB and 50GB packages for home workers who plan to be on the internet less frequently.

In addition to this, we offer our customers a free wireless router (people working from home surely won’t want to be tied down to lots of awkward wires) and free delivery. None of our bundles involve any cancellation fees or other hidden charges. Furthermore, our handy speed checker allows customers to check potential broadband speeds in their area so they can choose the best deal – speed and efficiency will be of utmost importance to home workers, so this is a crucial consideration.

It’s also important to bear in mind that internet coverage varies by region. In rural areas, internet connection is unlikely to be as fast as it would be in a large, always ‘online’ city. Options might be more limited, but that doesn’t mean those who live in these areas should suffer bad internet connection. Browsing the market - using comparison sites where necessary - will allow customers to get the best deal possible.  

With the amount of people working at home only likely to go up, installing fast and good quality broadband in your own house is more vital than ever. To discuss your requirements and gain access to the best broadband deal, you can get in touch with us on: 03330 112 321.

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