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Five tips to bear in mind when looking to sell your property

13 September 2018 2347 Views
Five tips to bear in mind when looking to sell your property

If you are selling a property, it is important that you present it in the best condition to potential investors, in order to secure a sale. 

Just Landlords, the specialist Landlord Insurance provider, has put together some top tips on what buyers may be looking for when purchasing a property, and what you can do help secure a sale.

1. It all starts with an agent…

In order to reduce any anxieties that you may already have during the selling process, it is paramount to ensure that you chose the right agent for you and your preferences.

It is a wise decision to choose an agent with a positive reputation and up-to-date marketing techniques, in order to gain a line-up of maximum viewings. If you haven’t managed to find the right one for you, it is definitely worth surfing the net and looking for an accredited agent.

2. Looks are everything

Contrary to popular belief, redecorating does not have to be as big of a financial inconvenience as some might believe. Of course, it’s lovely to purchase new furniture and other household items to give your property that fresh feel, but, in reality, you could save yourself a lot of money when it comes to appearances.

When potential buyers are viewing your property, they may want to see it as a blank canvas, upon which they can paint their own ideas. This is why it is far more effective to make the most of space and light in the property. You can do this by hanging a mirror up to create a more spacious feel, in addition to adding some plants or flowers, to give the property a fresh vibe.

They say the best parties happen in the kitchen, and they’re not wrong! A kitchen is a place where families can bond over a home-cooked meal. Make sure that all worktops are clean and clear, so that potential buyers are looking at a hygienic and clutter free space.

We would also suggest giving your property one last clean. Our sister company, Landlord News, provides access to a free guide full of tips that help you to remember every nook and cranny. It also provides a list that you can tick off and keep track of what is still to be done.

3. The personality of the property

Most potential buyers will almost always have a few properties lined up for viewing. Taking this into consideration, it is important that you emphasise the character and individuality that yours possesses, in every room of the home. If there is something particularly unique about a certain room in the property, show it off!

However, be sure not to personalise each room too much, as potential investors may want to imagine themselves living there. It is essential that the buyer can easily see how they might arrange the rooms with their own belongings.

4. Make the most of your outside space

Home hunters will almost always be searching for quality outdoor space. This is why it is integral to take necessary action if your garden needs maintenance. If your garden appears to be dishevelled and unkempt, this could completely deter buyers from making an offer, due to how much work would be required once they move in.

Mow the lawn, trim back hedges and branches, pull up any weeds, and consider planting a few low-maintenance flowers.

5. Location, location, location

Lastly, we want to point out the importance of looking beyond the property. Is it in a good area? Highlight this and brag about the positives of the location. Talk about any popular events, venues and regular entertainment in the surrounding area. A supportive community with Ofsted-approved schools will mean a lot to some.

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