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Kerb appeal: The 10 most popular exterior paint colours to help sell a property

In this tips piece, the experts at JustBoilers.com outline the most popular house paint colours which are likely to have the widest appeal to would-be buyers. If you are looking to offload one of your investment properties, the below could help you to achieve that goal. 

Painting a house grey is most likely to help it sell, according to new research. Painted houses are no longer restricted to the streets of Notting Hill and Primrose Hill. Instagram and interior obsessions mean that painting the exterior of houses has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

However, it could be possible not everyone wants to live in a pastel pink house, so what colour exterior paint is most likely to help sell a property? 


These masonry paint colours - a paint designed especially for use on exterior walls - are the most popular in the UK currently, and therefore more likely to sell your home. 

Research by JustBoilers.com has found the nation’s most popular paint colours for houses. Their research looked at online searches for masonry paint and took into account different brands and shades of each colour. 

These were the 10 most popular exterior house paint colours:  

  1. Grey: 24,190 monthly searches

  2. White: 11,430 monthly searches

  3. Black: 8,230 monthly searches

  4. Green: 3,530 monthly searches

  5. Red: 2,440 monthly searches

  6. Cream: 1,810 monthly searches

  7. Brown: 1,600 monthly searches

  8. Blue: 1,580 monthly searches

  9. Pink: 570 monthly searches

  10. Yellow: 240 monthly searches

‘Grey’ was the most popular house-paint colour, with just over 24.1k monthly searches. Shades included in this were light, slate, dark, charcoal, gravel and Plymouth. Zoffany's ‘Paris Grey’ and Farrow & Ball’s ‘Down Pipe’ were some of the most sought-after interior colours last year, so the aesthetically pleasing grey tones have now made it to the exterior, too. 

Classic ‘white’ was second with 11.4k monthly searches, less than half of the searches for ‘grey’. Black was also a popular choice, totting up 8.2k average monthly searches, which also mirrors the darker interior trends of the past few years. 

When it came to more adventurous colours, green (3.5k) and red (2.4k) were most popular. Although popular with influencers and Instagrammers, pink masonry paint was one of the least popular with only 570 average monthly searches. 

For someone looking for a new home or looking to paint their exterior, environmental psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers told JustBoilers what each colour represents and why they are appealing:

  • “The current colour of trend, grey presents a harmony between the sleek style of black, and the crisp clarity of white. Its modern feel brings an element of kerb appeal, taking off the subdued edge of black and mellowing the clinical aspect of white for a balanced, welcoming appearance and a feeling of security that is enticing in these uncertain times.”

  • “White properties exude that feeling of simplicity and purity which can be appealing to certain characters. It also provides an excellent platform to show additional elements of our personality through a bold door colour. It has the ability to grab attention and it's fresh and clean ambience is something we can often aspire to.”

  • “Black has always been symbolic of sophistication and luxury, and this is no different when it comes to exterior colours. It promotes a feeling of assurance while conveying a sense of mystery and intrigue at the characters who reside there. The balance of formality with elegance makes it a popular choice.”

  • “The colour of nature, and the colour we as humans can see the most shades of, the colour green is a popular choice outside of the neutral options. Its appeal is a feeling of grounded serenity amongst our busy lives, and an ambience of being connected to something bigger. With green being representative of growth and new beginnings, it's a great option for promoting positivity as soon as you enter your property.”

  • “An energetic and passionate colour, red houses certainly are a statement. They often signify an element of power, mixed with an appreciation for tradition. Because red as a colour stimulates humans and draws their attention, it can generate desire from some people while overstimulating others, making it divisive. And it will likely picture the residents as being full of character and emotion.”

Co-founder of JustBoilers.com Chris Burls said: “House painting used to be restricted to certain city streets and seaside towns, so it's interesting to see how popular the trend has become.”

“You generally shouldn’t need planning permission for exterior painting. However, if a property is listed or on designated land, there will be additional rules, so it is important to check with the local council. It’s also important to take into account the upkeep involved, as it will require repainting every five to ten years, depending on the material and climate.”

Please find the full top 12 most popular house paint colours here

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