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Is your home secure? Five ways smart devices can add extra protection

With recent research predicting that there will be over 482 million smart homes in the market worldwide by 2025, home automation is certainly on the rise. This is due, at least in part, to the multitude of benefits that home automations can provide including increased convenience, energy conservation and security.

For most, ensuring your home is secure is a top priority, and though smart devices can be seen heavily throughout most homes, such devices are not always being used to their maximum potential.

Many devices are hugely beneficial resources for deterring criminal activity and keeping your property safe when used the right way. Here, smart home solutions specialists, Somfy, discuss five key ways that smart home devices can be used to provide extra protection to the home.


Make use of lights

Lighting has the power to create the illusion that someone is always at home, which can be a fantastic deterrent for criminals. The use of smart lighting allows the user to switch lights on and off remotely with ease.

Such lights can easily be pre-programmed to go on and off at specific times during the day, or alternatively can be controlled at any point with a simple touch of a button from a phone or tablet.

Turn notifications on

Many houses have an alarm, but for those who have a smart or wireless alarm system, it is important to ensure it has been set up correctly with notifications turned on.

This way, your alarm will notify you instantly if it is activated, or if there is any unusual activity around your property. This can help provide extra peace of mind and allow you to take immediate action if something has triggered your alarm.

Take control of entrances

Another perk of having a smart home is the automation of otherwise traditionally manual objects, such as windows, doors, blinds and even shutters.

Though the ability to control these home furnishings remotely is ideal for comfort, it is also particularly good for additional home security. Remote control of items like shutters can help make it appear like someone is home, by opening and closing them at appropriate times of the day or night.

Keep valuables locked away

Even with thorough security measures, in some instances criminals can manage to force their way into a home. In the unlikely but still possible event that this could happen, it is always advisable to lock away any expensive or highly treasured items in in something such as a safe or hidden storage.

Smart safes are an excellent investment as they can not only alert you if anyone tries to gain unauthorised access, but they can even activate an intruder alarm to deter any criminal from continuing their attempt to break in. 

Activate cameras

Security cameras can be both a great deterrent for criminals and offer a fantastic way to monitor your property for any unusual activity. Some cameras come with sensors and night vision and can even activate the alarm system if they detect certain movements.

In addition to providing a way to deter criminals, security cameras which offer recording ability, will provide evidence, and can be used by the authorities should the worst happen, and someone breaks into your property.

Mark Pekelharing, the Northern European market manager for Somfy Smart Home & Somfy Protect said: “Burglaries continue to be one of the most prevalent crimes across Northern Europe, so taking precaution is highly recommended. Smart devices are highly underestimated for the true value that they can bring to a home, especially when adding extra security. More and more people are turning to smart alarm systems and connected home technology to protect their space which is why smart products should be made with the safety of the customer in mind.”

These key practices to adding extra protection to your home fundamentally provide huge benefits, such as peace of mind due to the additional protection and early detection resulting in minimal loss. The power of home automation ultimately allows you to have great control to keep your home secure.

*You can find out more about Somfy here

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