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Green is the new grey: The interior trend taking over our homes

Grey has been a default colour in interiors for quite some time now, but recently there has been a resurge in green homeware. The world in general has been extremely grey over the last 18-months, so it is perhaps no surprise that we’ve looked to remove the dull shade from our homes and instead inject a new level of personality into the spaces that we’ve spent so much time in throughout this period in our lives.

The green colour trend that has taken over in 2021 has been inspired by the need to create a home that surrounds us in peace and tranquillity, aligning with an increased desire to look after our wellbeing.

“Green is synonymous with nature and bringing these natural elements into our homes can evoke feelings of calm, something that we’ve all needed over the last few months,” explains Rebecca Challinor, interior designer at home furnishings retailer Terrys.


Challinor continues: “As we spend more time working and living at home, bringing the outside in is a great way to stay in touch with nature, whilst creating an inviting and rejuvenating space to recuperate in.”

As an extremely versatile colour, the green shades seen popping up across homes are both vibrant and radiant. The rise of the indoor-outdoor and Cottagecore trends have led green to take centre stage, with every shade from olive and emerald to sage and pistachio all in the mix.

A whole host of celebrities have already jumped onto the trend, with the likes of Amanda Holden, Fearne Cotton and Zoe Sugg bringing green-hues into their celebrity abodes. Amanda’s striking jewel-toned velvet sofa pulls focus in her Surrey living space, whilst Zoe has chosen a deep-green shade for the indoor-outdoor bathroom in her Brighton home.


Though they may not realise it, the fact that these celebs have chosen to incorporate green shades into their homes says a lot about their personalities.

Linda Barker, interior designer and owner of Linda Barker Paints explains: “Green is generally considered the most calming and restorative of colours. It has a strong connection to nature and the outdoors and has therapeutic-like tendencies.  

“If you use the colour green, you're most likely a really down to earth person who is not only trustworthy and well-balanced but generous and all-around harmoniously happy!”

Whilst it’s clear that the style has begun creeping into the homes of celebrities and popular Instagram homeowners alike over the last few months, we too have started to jump on the trend. Google search data shows that searches for “Green Homeware” are up 250% year-on-year and looking deeper into the data, specific products have also seen a resurge with searches for “Green Cushions” up 124% and “Green Curtains” up 83% year-on-year respectively.

Though many are going all in on the green trend, through the likes of sofas or painted feature walls, if you’re not ready to go green in full, you can get the look by bringing the shade into your home through a range of decorative accessories. Printed cushions, made to measure blinds and artwork are all great ways to inject the colour into your space, without overpowering it.

Whichever shade of green you decide to incorporate into your home, you’re certain to be in good company. Ultimately, incorporating green into your space will ensure you have a tranquil and relaxing spot to unwind in, something we’re all in desperate need of right now!

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