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Top tips for selling a property in 2021

Despite 2020 being a turbulent year for many businesses across the UK, the property market actually saw a mini-industry boom. As the Stamp Duty relief deadline falls in March this year, it seems that a large number of buyers and sellers have used the precious time of last year to complete as many transactions as possible. 

While there have been predictions that this boom will soon die down in 2021, there still has never been a better time to put your property on the market. Got plans to sell this year? Have a read of the most effective ways to do so. 

Speed up the sale 


It may be too late now to ensure that your property is going to sell just before the Stamp Duty relief deadline, but there are still ways in which you can ensure a speedy sale.

For example, if you want your tenants to move in as quickly as possible, it’s best to vacate your home before the buying process commences. Facilitating a blank canvas will also allow the prospective buyer to form an instant personal connection with your home. You can also guarantee a quick sale by taking part in property auctions or selling your home to a reputable property investor such as NWIUK.  

Facilitate Covid-safe viewings 

During the challenging times we are currently living in, your client’s safety should be of paramount importance. With this in mind, do not forget to feature a virtual video tour of your home as part of your listing.

It’s important to do this for two reasons. Firstly, due to social distancing measures, buyers are now relying solely on the internet to conduct their house hunt. Secondly, a video tour will allow the prospective tenant to get more of a feel for your property. 

When the time comes for your Covid-compliant viewing, it’s crucial that your potential buyer feels as safe as possible when they look around the property. That being said, don’t forget about the hand sanitiser station at the entrance and keep as much of the paperwork as possible strictly digital. 

Meet the expectations of the buyer

2020 was the year that people really became attached to their homes. Fast forward into the new year, it’s safe to say that the expectations of house hunters have been raised and there are certain features that properties just need to have. For example, due to the ongoing work from home call, people need a good space to work from remotely, whether that be an open living room area or a spare room. 

Furthermore, as we now very much value the time we spend outdoors, buyers would ideally want their future home to have a nice garden. As a seller, you, therefore, have to make sure that your property meets all of these criteria and caters to the expectations of your future tenant. 

Find ways of increasing value 

If you are not in a rush to sell your property, then it’s beneficial to use the time you have now to add more value to it. From converting your loft to extending your living room space, home renovation projects are guaranteed to hike up the worth of your home and catch the eyes of even more buyers.

You could even apply for planning permission and ask for an extension before you sell. The extra time granted will really position your house as being a great contender on the market and will appeal to those who express an interest in your property but want to see more from it. 

Don’t forget about the small fixes 

When it comes to selling your property, small fixes are just as important as the big ones – if not more. So, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and sort out the carpet, touch up any paintwork and regrout tiles. As time-consuming as these things can be to do, you must take into account that even the slightest of issues can lead to an offer just not being secured at all. 

It’s also important to declutter your property and clean it from floor to ceiling in the run-up to any viewing. More significantly, as first impressions do mean a lot, do make your curb as appealing as possible to anyone who is going to step in through the front door. 

Ensure the price is right

Finally, the key to settling on a good asking price is through research. To get a rough idea of how much your property may be worth, start by looking at the recent market activity in your local area. Then, look more specifically at the homes that are currently available around you. 

Are there any properties that are similar to yours? How does your particular property stand out from the current homes that are out there? 

Once you are happy with this initial research, connect with an estate agent who would be willing to value your property. As a rule of thumb, it is best to get help from more than one agent, just so that you have a variety of offers to work with.

When it comes to settling on that final figure, make sure that the offer is very much representative of the property you are selling. After all, overpriced homes tend to fall and collapse in the market. 

Preparation is key 

As outlined, selling your home in whatever year is certainly not an easy task. However, if we put things into perspective, all that you can ultimately do is be prepared and put yourself in the shoes of your prospective buyer.

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