At Boxman, we believe self storage needs to catch up and move into the 21st century. We can buy anything we want online and have it delivered to our door, so why should we have to drive ourselves to a bleak self-storage depot and lug all our heavy boxes around by ourselves?

That’s why, in 2012, we teamed up with Secure Data Management (SDM), a company at the forefront of secure document storage in London. For over 25 years, SDM has stored millions of boxes for some of the UK’s largest companies. Together, we’re now bringing the same high level of service to everyone, whether you need to store 1 box or 1,000.

By combining SDM’s experience in storage and logistics with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, we already have the best and fastest service in the UK. We were the first to supply durable, waterproof boxes for free at a time that you choose, and we’re the only on-demand storage company that can have the boxes with you in just three hours.

As fans of innovation, we’re constantly looking to pioneer new services, and we know that some of our best ideas will evolve from the way you use us. If there’s some way we can make your life easier, drop us a line and let us know. We love hearing from you.

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An on-demand London self-storage solution

17 August 2015 1259 Views

An on-demand London self-storage solution

Investing in a London flat can often become a bigger endeavor than planned.  The lack of space and growing need for housing has lead to a lot of interesting and unconventional spaces, with problems ranging from hot water tanks hidden away in closets to kitchens far too small to accommodate modern appliances. What all this means is renovation, renovation, renovation.

Modernising London living spaces has truly become an art form. Like any art, it’s best to keep a clean workstation so one can focus on the task at hand. This is where on-demand storage is making its big splash in the London market, offering an easy way for property investors to store away and recall items as their properties need change.

Traditional self-storage in London requires a van and a sizeable chunk of time spent transporting items. With on-demand storage, that’s just not the way. All items can be catalogued online and sent to any location within London, providing a simple and convenient self-storage solution for London’s growing number of property investors.

With this innovation, investors are finding London self-storage to be a lot more accessible, making what was previously thought to be too much of a hassle just another check on the to-do list.

For on-demand London self-storage, try Boxman. From £5 per box per month, bringing self-storage right to your door.

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