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Property investors get help from on-demand tech services

24 April 2015 3914 Views
Property investors get help from on-demand tech services

Whether you’re buying to let or simply flipping a property, you will inevitably run into the age old ‘stuff’ obstacle – accumulations that you don’t want to part with, but need out of sight and out of mind while you work on your investment.

Every property seems to come with these treasures, whether they’re as small as an extra box of cutlery or as large as a kitchen table and chairs. Stuff is what gives a home its character, but if you need to paint the walls, or you’re trying to show a new tenant around, it can really get in the way. Even stashing it in an appropriated ‘crawl space’ can add to the general sense of clutter. Its best to get it out of the way altogether.

Whether you need the space to do some maintenance and repairs, or you want the property looking its best for a viewing, having it clear is key. With all that extra space you’ll be able to sort out what really needs to be done and tackle it efficiently.

In recent years, the kinds of services that once littered the neglected leaves of the Yellow Pages have come into their own online. Along with on-demand handymen – with you at the touch of a button – self-storage has also found its home in browser world. London self-storage company Boxman offers a simple way to store items without the hassle of actually moving them yourself.

Boxman’s on-demand self-storage service offers free, waterproof, sturdy boxes that can be delivered to your property within two hours of you ordering them. Once you’ve packed them up and digitally tagged them, the driver whisks them back to Boxman HQ, where they’re stored safely and securely. When you’re ready to retrieve your boxes, you can call them back online one at a time using the digital tagging you added earlier.

With convenience in mind, many customers find on-demand storage works for them in a way that self-storage never could before.

Once your renovations have been made, or your tenants are ready to move in, you can order all of your things back to any London address at the click of a button. No more schlepping out to the middle of nowhere on your day off, and no more clambering over other people’s dusty storage to find that one item you need. And with insurance included in the price, it’s a money-saving as well as time-efficient service. Exactly what you’d expect from the on-demand revolution.  

For more information on Boxman and on-demand self-storage in London, head to boxman.co.uk

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