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Using call management to grow your agency

27 June 2017 2956 Views
Using call management to grow your agency

Any and all businesses will see benefits by using an Intelligent Call Management system - but this can be a huge advantage for an estate agent or mortgage broker, especially when you have a large team with different skill-sets and schedules. Abilities like call statistics, time of day routing, hunt groups and voice to email will prevent customers' calls being missed - and make sure that your business doesn’t stop growing.

What is Time of Day Routing?

Many consider this as one of the most useful features of the system due to the flexibility and versatility it offers. At its' core, Time of Day routing simply allows incoming calls on a Non Geographic Number - such as the recently introduced 03 number range - to be transferred to different a different number. The routing of calls can be used to great effect by routing based on the time, hence the name.

Calls can be routed to different locations for lunchtime, for weekends or holidays, for after business or for times when you're just out of the office. This can ensure that whatever the time, a call can be sent to a staffed and capable location to develop communication between consumers and staff.

In addition, time of day routing can allow for customisation of flow patterns for inbound calls. If you want a particular message to play for calls coming from specific locations, the Intelligent Call Management allows for complete user configuration.

What is Voice to Email?

Another strength of the system is the capability to develop voice mail and email uses. Unanswered calls can be sent to voice mail and replied to at a later date. Alternatively, voicemails can be sent to an email inbox with the management system. The email contains an audio file attachment, able to be played back at all times. Based on time settings, a call can be automatically sent to a set location without any further interaction.

These settings streamline the contact between staff members and potential customers. Unanswered calls become less of a worry with all the means to reply promptly at all times. Caller ID information is also provided with the email attachment. This allows for prioritisation of calls and more a ordered process.

What are Hunt Groups?

Using Hunt Groups more efficiently is a clear perk of Intelligent Call Management. Non Geographic Numbers can be used to send incoming calls to a large team. The calls are then answered by the first available agent in the Hunt Group.

If your business could gain plenty from upgrading to Non Geographic Number that would support an Intelligent Call Management system, contact NumberSupermarket.co.uk. Whether discussing matters with customers, distributors or suppliers, the system can streamline the process.

Using call management to grow your agency

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