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An educational platform for the UK buy-to-let sector is crowdfunding for £75,000 using the site Crowd2Fund. 
Property Fortress is the brainchild of John Corey, a Silicon Valley techie-come buy-to-let expert. 
The online training site provides users with the opportunity to learn about every aspect of being a landlord through seminars and webinars. Users are then tested through gamification - the use of games to engage users - to fortify what they have learnt from the online content. 
Mr Corey says that the site will “offer an A-Z of every aspect you need to know to become a good and legal property investor.”
He believes that many of the current educational property platforms don’t offer value for money, as participants are unable to quantify what they have learnt and taken on board. Property Fortress users will be awarded ribbons and are unable to take the next course until the previous one has been completed. 
"Through online training, Property Fortress provides people with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve their financial profile through property investing,” says Corey, who has built an impressive property portfolio himself after being involved in the industry for the past 30 years. 
When speaking to Property Investor Today, Corey explained that he feels that people are coming out of university and schools without any property-related life skills, such as how to obtain a mortgage or the legal side of buying or letting a property – something he is trying to address with his new venture.
The site also incorporates a Community, inspired by sites like Property Tribes of which Corey is a regular and valued contributor, where users from all levels will be able to interact and the most experienced landlords and investors will be identified with different ribbons. 
Corey is aiming to make Property Fortress ‘the Apple of the property education market’. He says that if the iPhone pioneer had entered the sector it would make sure that everything was at the user’s fingertips and wouldn’t quibble over refunds and this is what he is aiming to achieve with Property Fortress, which, incidentally is a 100% money back platform.
He is now seeking growth capital via a crowdfunding campaign using Crowd2Fund, which allows prospective investors the opportunity to have an individual stake in the company.
The campaign is seeking £75,000 for 10% equity in the company. More information on the campaign can be found at: http://bit.ly/1mYJ2Ry and http://www.propertyfortress.com/


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