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By Ramsey Assal

Founder, The Landsite


Is networking for property investors outdated?

For many people, networking brings with it negative connotations. It stirs up images of schmoozing businessmen engaged in self-aggrandising conversations.

This, however, is now a fairly archaic depiction of what networking is. So, when you frame the question around that pre-conceived notion, you could probably argue that, yes, ‘networking’ is outdated!

In reality, though, modern-day networking is nothing like this. It’s actually a dynamic and vibrant way of communicating and connecting with other like-minded businesses, and it extends far beyond the bi-annual boozy function of yesteryear.


The issue, it seems, is that most property investors aren’t aware of the sort of modern networking opportunities available to them.

Networking elevates standards

For property investors, one of the main benefits to networking, ultimately, is the furthering of industry standards that it brings with it. The more that property professionals connect with one another, the greater the working relationships that are subsequently formed.

It is around these relationships that the highest quality of work invariably stems. The thing about networking is that it triggers a domino effect.

By connecting with one professional, a building surveyor for instance, they in turn may connect you with an architectural design service who subsequently inform you of their most trusted contractors.

Before you know it, you’ve formed a collaborative network of high-quality contacts, and the quality of the projects being delivered is buoyed significantly. In this way, networking serves as a quick (yet not rushed) means of optimising your property business’ processes.

You can get more done, quicker, and by using a greater quality of associate. The Landsite is a commercial property hub in which property professionals can list their services, connect with like-minded businesses and showcase their expertise.

In an age of digital, networking brings back the personable

With such a glut of property professionals available to contact online, you’d think that this makes life easier for property professionals.

However, that choice can be, frankly, quite overwhelming. Perhaps there’s such a thing as too much choice after all?

The property and construction industries are two in which the idea of trust is absolutely fundamental. The industry is left then, with something of a dilemma. Property and construction companies are well aware of the importance of the digital space, with studies showing that 86% of property professionals are now increasing their online presence.

At the same time, however, it’s all too easy to come across as transparent and exploitative, with every business vying for a piece of the pie, so to speak. This is where digital networking can prove so beneficial.

Platforms such as The Landsite offer a much more bespoke and personal opportunity, with dedicated solely industry professionals; the positive of this is that you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

Using this platform, you are able to reveal the businesses who you really want to be connecting with, and eliminate those less trustworthy, more exploitative types that are all too common across major search engines.

In short, a networking platform allows you to connect with established and respected companies, and you’re able to publish your ideas and services to an engaged, genuinely interested audience, rather than to those simply trying to make a quick buck.

Targeted networking opportunities

There’s already a networking platform available online. The social giant LinkedIn has positioned itself as social media’s corporate older brother, and has done so with great effect.

What it lacks, however, is the specificity that the property and construction industries necessitate. There are few industries with as many nuanced niches as the property industry, and the sector has been crying out for a platform which reflects these for some time now.

Speaking of niches, that gives a nice little segue into our next point. That’s that of the toolkit which a digital service provides. What does this mean?

Well, a digital service, more often than not, has filter options in which you can efficiently find exactly what it is you’re looking for, in a much more direct way.

Without a targeted networking platform, on the other hand, you’d be left to find requisite property professionals in a far more circuitous way, trawling search engines or generic listing sites, potentially for hours.

Gone are the days where property investors would get most of their business sorted at a trade fair and in any event, as we’ve seen in recent months, sometimes these meetings aren’t even feasible in the first place.

Online opportunities present a workaround to this. Networking today (through digital means) presents property professionals the chance in which to build lasting working relationships, as opposed to transient one-off encounters.

*Ramsey Assal is founder of The Landsite


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