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Many ‘unhappy’ couples stay together in order to buy a home

Some 1.8 million UK adults have primarily stayed or would stay in a relationship in order to get a foot on the housing ladder, L&C Mortgages claims.

When looking at those planning to acquire property in the next five years, the number of those having stayed in a relationship purely to be able to afford a home is expected to rise to 7%, according to the research undertaken by the mortgage firm.

The survey also revealed that 11% of non-homeowners would be prepared to stay in an unhappy relationship if it enabled them to buy their own property.



On average, 44% of people who stayed with their partner to be able to afford the mortgage or deposit did so for more than a year longer than they would have, if purchasing property was not in the equation. Some 40% are currently still together with their other half in order to buy a home.


David Hollingworth from L&C Mortgages said: “The fact that so many people view staying in a relationship they perhaps don’t want to be in as one of their only options for getting onto the housing ladder is indicative of the struggle people face when buying their first home.


“With such large sums needed for deposits and combined salaries often the only option to achieve the required mortgage, the temptation to stay with a partner is understandable.


“In the UK, we place a great deal of importance on owning our own home, and of course buying property is one of the biggest financial moves you can make – but it isn’t right that people are sacrificing their emotional wellbeing in order to focus on financial stability.”


L&C’s research also reveals that 63% of those planning to buy feel under pressure to get on the housing ladder, and that 36% feel under pressure to buy due to their partner.


On top of this, 17% said that they feel pressure to buy with their partner but would rather not purchase a property at all.


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