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The benefits of an online platform, such as Zillios, for international property searches

01 August 2019 3604 Views
The benefits of an online platform, such as Zillios, for international property searches

Technology is developing constantly, which is steadily changing the scope of property purchasing both domestically and abroad. Zillios.com is seeking to re-define the way people purchase property abroad through harnessing technological innovation, and playing to the natural strengths of the digital platform. But what are those strengths, and how do they impact the most important people – namely the property buyers.

More listings

The primary benefit of the digital platform is, of course, that it becomes easier than ever to have access to a number of different property listings in all manner of locations. This has traditionally not been a benefit many have been able to experience, however, as property specialists will often tend to favour local/national listings over international. The knock-on effect of this is that buyers have traditionally encountered a lack of choice of available properties.

Zillios, however, offers a wide selection of international properties in over 500 of the world’s most popular regions. This means that buyers looking to invest in international property have a larger pool of listings to choose from. Free property listings for owners and estate agents also serve to encourage a larger selection of listings, ultimately increasing choice.

Customisable searches

Looking for property via traditional methods, namely going to an estate agency or browsing a brochure, doesn’t allow the user to filter the listings they’re browsing. This, naturally, leads to much wasted time looking at properties which are unsuitable. Browsing online through a platform such as Zillios allows the user to filter the listings they’re seeing by the parameters which are pertinent to their search.

This can take a number of different forms – such as price, proximity to a certain location, number of bedrooms, type of building, etc. Browsing property digitally makes the searching process much more efficient, by allowing property hunters to only view properties that fit their established criteria.

Detailed information

When browsing for property offline, there is a limit to how much information a potential buyer can have access to – a problem that is compounded when searching for property internationally. Using a digital platform, such as Zillios, allows a user to have as much information as possible about a property they’re interested in before they even make contact with the seller. This allows property hunters to make much more informed decisions, and they don’t have to worry about expensive travel to view the property before registering their interest.

Listings will have a detailed description, including the dimensions of each room, and often a floorplan to give an idea of the property’s layout. This is in addition to a number of high quality photographs showing the property and surrounding areas, and in many cases, a detailed walkthrough video can also be arranged.

Easy international buying

Anybody who has been in the process of buying a property abroad knows this is a cumbersome process. Unknown legislation and tax regimes, language barriers, trust issues related to the foreign seller, mortgage difficulties and lots of paperwork. Zillios aims to resolve these barriers aligning all players involved through its platform, disclosing all necessary information in each step of the process and by the development of blockchain based processes. This way Zillios will provide a future-proof solution for all key players in international real estate sales.

Efficient holiday booking

The digital platform also offers considerable benefits when it comes to vacation rental booking, registering interest in property, and general contact between parties. Zillios, for example, offers a smart booking service that’s blockchain-based, to help improve levels of trust and security when it comes to payments and deposits. The smart booking feature also makes sure those potentially expensive delays are minimised - which benefits both those looking to rent their properties, and those looking for property to rent.

Using Zillios allows users to harness all the benefits the digital platform has to offer - namely more properties to choose from, more detailed information, and a more intuitive, secure booking and communication process. This means finding that dream vacation, retirement, or investment property is now easier than ever.

Benefits for agents

Zillios also foresees in solving current market pitfalls for agents. Typically portals charge fees based on the amount of properties an agent uploads. For this reason agents mostly only show a part of their properties on portals, resulting in lost opportunities and fragmented offer. To address these issues, Zillios allows agents to upload all of their properties for free. In order to generate more visibility for their best properties, agents can pay per click for individual properties or specific GEO locations. Through an auction based CPC (cost per click) model, agents get full control of their listing positions within Zillios, an unprecedented feature in real estate portals. Since Zillios has an international focus, unlike most portals, agents will find in Zillios an accessible and agile tool to obtain international buyers.

Additionally Zillios is in the process of obtaining growth funds through an ICO (zillios.io), allowing agents to buy Zillios tokens obtaining up to 25% discount on the CPC prices.

So, with these benefits in mind it’s time to make sure you’re familiar with how to properly search for international property online, then pay a visit to Zillios.com!


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