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When you’re in high school you tend to struggle paying for things you want, like the latest trainers, the cute skirt you saw in the shop and also small basic things like deodorant and such. However when I was in high school I had a weekend job, like many others and I was able become independent and pay for my own things, and even save, it makes you feel so empowered being able to depend on yourself. Just like Jo Malone, she too as a young girl had a little job and she adored it.

I think it can be very hard to find a job that you love to do, so when you do find that position, you grab hold of it and run with it as far as you can. This is exactly what Jo did. She worked in a flower shop and even though she's horribly dyslexic and isn't able to drive a car, swim and so forth, this didn't stop her from adoring her job and given the role of collecting beautifully scented flowers from the covent garden markets. Through this job at her local florist she found out that she had quite a rare gift. The ability to take a moment in time and/or a colour and translate into a fragrance. Like Christmas morning, the glorious smell of rain in the air and so forth.

A true gift yet when her life took a turn down a dark road due to developing Cancer she had to take time out to defeat the illness and get herself back on form and when she did, she built up her dream. Selling little fragrances in plastics bottles, building up a client list and even though she felt defeated and didnt think it was going to go where she hoped, she was presented with an opportunity. A shop premises was up for grabs, and Jo grabbed it with both hands, like she did with her florist job and ran with itand this was the birth of Jo Loves.


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