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For most students, having reliable and affordable internet access is of paramount importance. With deadlines looming and essays or dissertations to be completed, the last thing students want to be worrying about is a loss of internet connection as they put the finishing touches to their bibliography. Instead of traipsing to the campus library or a nearby internet café, they would naturally prefer to do it from the comfort of their own home.

The younger generation has become so reliant on the internet – for social media, catch-up TV, Skyping, research purposes and general browsing – that they take fast, efficient broadband access almost for granted. However, what students don’t want, given a typical course lasts only three years and many decide to change accommodation a number of times, is to be tied down to a long-term contract. Most broadband contracts require a minimum sign-up of 12 months, which is no use to students who probably won’t be living in their digs for the whole year. Cancelling these contracts early can be pricey, something most students can ill-afford. 

What they want instead is flexibility and the ability to change deals in a quick and easy manner. Students, of course, are also famous for living on a tight budget. As such, they are always looking to save money where they can whilst not sacrificing quality.

With this in mind, here at TenTel we believe that we are the ideal provider for the student market as there is no contract or obligations involved to use our services. We also provide a free router, free installation and cheap line rental – undoubtedly music to the ears of cash-strapped undergraduates.

Broadband speed and download allowances are issues that would arguably matter more to students, who are more likely to spend time downloading music, TV shows and films and won’t stand for any buffering along the way. It’s important, when working out what sort of package you want, that you first work out what kind of internet user you are.

As a student, you will probably be frequently checking emails, regularly browsing Facebook and Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, streaming music from Spotify and indulging in some online shopping. A 50GB package should cover you for most of these activities, but if you and your housemates are heavy internet users and serial downloaders, opting for an unlimited package could suit you best.

Furthermore, you also need to consider the type of broadband you need. Wireless is also an absolute must for students – less clutter and bits of pieces to deal with and, of course, no need to be tied to any wires.

At TenTel we  offer our customers free installation phone and wireless broadband with no contract and just 30 days’ notice. Until January 2015 we are also offering a price guarantee to beat the big four (Sky, Virgin , BT and Talk Talk) over a six month period.

For any students looking for advice, the best broadband deal or no contract broadband, you can get in touch with us on: 03330 112 321.


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