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With winter nearly here, it’s more important than ever for landlords to keep their rental properties in check. Homes that are in good condition make for happy tenants, which is what every landlord is striving for.

After all, satisfied tenants are more likely to stay for the long-term, ensuring that those dreaded void periods can be swerved.

Keeping your property in tip-top condition can become more difficult when winter strikes, though. The temperature drops a few degrees, the average rainfall increases and the likelihood of adverse weather conditions is much higher.

Below, using our experience as estate agents working in Southampton, Portsmouth and across the south of England, we outline some of the things you can do to keep any issues at bay.

Prevent any clogs

At this time of the year, drains and gutters are much more susceptible to becoming clogged by leaves or other items. They might also be weakened by heavy rain, so it’s important to act early to prevent more costly work having to be carried out at a later date.

Make your home look fresh

Winter can have an effect on outside paintwork, which could give off an unsightly battered and bruised look to your rental property. Tenants want to be house-proud, something that is less likely if the outside of the place they call home doesn’t look up to scratch.

Also, if you are trying to occupy your home with tenants, then giving the outside of your home a quick lick of paint could be very beneficial. Other small things, like trimming the hedge or making sure the driveway looks ship-shape, could also help your cause.

Keep damp away

Damp can be a major problem in the colder months. Not only does it look unsightly, it can also cause longer-term problems that will cost landlords more over time. Preventative maintenance, to make sure damp doesn’t become a longer-term issue, would be a wise move.

This can include things like asking your tenants to turn on the bathroom fan when they have a shower, as well as opening the window for a while after. You can also ask them to cover boiling liquids in the kitchen and dry clothes outdoors, weather permitting.

Making sure your walls are properly insulated, increasing ventilation in your property (not so easy in the colder months, granted, but it will help to limit moisture from spreading other areas of the house) and heating your property effectively are other ways of keeping damp at bay.

Stop pipes from freezing

A cold snap can massively increase the chances of pipes bursting or freezing. Keeping the heating on, running cold water regularly and draining outside taps where possible will all help to prevent this nightmare scenario from occurring. This is particularly important if your property is unoccupied over the winter months. If you don’t have tenants in place, make sure you do all you can to prevent frozen or burst pipes. It’s not worth taking a risk in this case.

If you want more info about keeping your rental property in check this winter, please get in contact with ChimneyPots on 01489 584298. Additionally, you can find out how much rent you could be charging in the current marketplace by checking out our free instant online valuation tool.



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