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Simon Shinerock
Simon Shinerock
Owner of Choices Estate Agents
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About Me

I'm married with three grown up children, I live between London, Bexhill and Marbella. Despite my advancing years I am very active with a lot of sports hobbies ranging from my favourite kite surfing to my most recent, road bike riding and covering many others in between. I have always had a good imagination, some would say it's reflected in my industry views! I had a horror fantasy novel published in 1997 called 'The Dark Lagoon' that is still svailable on Amazon as a digital book, it's only £1.02 so I suggest you buy it right away. I write a blog which contains some of my views on the Industry, Society and many other things, I also like to write poetry which reflects the deeper side of our wants and aspirations. I have a master plan to put my mark on the industry by changing the business model we use in Lettings, Sales and investments. I have used Choices as a test bed for my ideas and I think our overall success endorses my concepts far more than words alone. Finally I decided to explore social media in 2014 and am now an avid user of Twitter, Instagram and Linkein which, when used in conjunction with my Blog have enabled me to create my own distinctive brand which, like Marmite, people seem to love or hate. I really appreciate my supporters and to them I say thank you. In my defence to the haters I would say if you get to know me you will change your mind:)

my expertise in the industry

I founded Choices in 1989 www.choices.co.uk, we are widely regarded as the most innovative estate agent in the industry with a unique Lettings model and a dedicated investments division that has been operating since the turn of the millennium. I am an investor in and contributor to Angels Media which I am happy to say gives me a platform for my views and ideas. I have also been an investor in a well know agency software business which was eventually sold to a bigger player. My background and expertise is in selling, management and finance. I try my best to keep up with all the important changes that are happening in the business at an ever faster pace and I am always on the lookout for my next interesting investment, especially if it's one that I think fits in with my grand plan or to which I can make a positive contribution. If you want any help or advice with your business please feel free to contact me, the first call is always free:)

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