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A Bhalla
Interesting concepts regarding a futuristic home & many people - lazy or those with a busy lifestyle would love the idea & can afford the costs. However despite Biometric security, I wouldn’t want a 100% automatically run homes. Biometrics is potentially one of the cyber safe tech at present, still it can be bypassed, allowing access to intruders. Anyone with the criminal intent will probably block the access/exit points of panic room, & main doors first. Solar panels life expectancy is 25-30 years, it’s recycling & decomposition is difficult. Hence by using them across a person’s quarter lifetime (using 100 years human lifespan for ease of calculations), these homes will create another non recyclable waste hazard to deal with in their old age, as well as environmental issues for the next generations with unusable, non-decomposed solar panels-No thanks I don’t want solar panels. Walk in showers, bedside tech, smart mirrors, smart tech, biometrics, underfloor heating etc--all of these have high repair/replacement costs, and will inevitably result in personal data from pre-conception till post death in a third party’s tech data depository/cloud/future servers, which defeats the objectives of GDPR laws when the home owners/residents won’t be able to pinpoint the source of personal data leaks. Would I want myself, my family and worst of all making a third party (except clinical professionals) be aware of my intimate moments, or put my babies, kids, elderly at risk by a third party tracking them 24/7 inside my home-it’s an absolutely No No. Traditional bricks and mortar, no biometrics, no third party tech providing automation in my home to suddenly decide to take over the safety & security of my loved ones, as well as creating more hazardous ☢️ non decomposable waste on our beautiful planet 🌎 creating hazards for my future generations. These tech homes are not 100% Green, and are absolutely hazardous for future generations. Clearly the sellers, today’s scientists and politicians would sell it as beneficial as a Green tech, without sufficient research & knowledge of impact on the future. My opinion based on having used some of these Tech - Absolutely don’t fall for these gimmicks unless you have more money than sense, are in tech sales, a politician, and/or happy to leave another waste legacy for next generations to contend with the dangerous toxic gases. Each to their own opinions, experiences, decisions. Best wishes to all.

From: A Bhalla 02 July 2021 09:20 AM

A Bhalla
Most of the candidates except for Shaun Bailey are not credible for London Mayor role. Crime has increased over 500% under Sadiq Khan, and Labour, Liberal are in favour of unscrupulous tenants. It’s become 3rd world of Londonistan under Sadiq Khan/Labour. Sadiq khan is investing in Social housing, and Build to rent sector himself with cheap cladding and materials to rent/sell the property to social hooligan tenants, and then kill them with fires or rent to criminal and grooming gangs to then claim money 💷💰from the govt./insurance companies. Liberals are just as bad and against multi property PRS as well as commercial landlords, Green party wants people to live in muddy huts rather than warm safe homes, and walk or cycle no cars in London so the elderly, weak, children’s parents who need to have a transportation, and disabled will have no life if London Mayor is from the Green, Liberal or Labour Party, which only leaves Conservatives as the credible party who can make London as good as it was before Labour’s Sadiq Khan became the mayor. Those who want to invest in London or even South East England should not vote for Sadiq Khan or Liberal or Green Party at all, unless looking to waste investment money & have the long term value eroded alongside lost lives of humans living/working in your investment/s. #voteconservativeforasafeinvestmentinlondon #voteshaunbailey for a better London. Spread the word to family, friends, investment partners, and associates. Best wishes to all from Asiatic Investments.

From: A Bhalla 07 April 2021 10:08 AM

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