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Simon Davies
Just about everywhere else in the world manages without a remote, fee extracting freeholder embedded in their homes. Leaseholders get nothing in return for ground rents, costly lease extensions, hidden commissions, expensive permission fees, and associated managing agents padding service charges. They can appoint their own managing agent who will do the work managing the building and hold them to account, rather than having one imposed on them by the freeholder. Leaseholders are forced to pay for expensive building remediation anyway via the service charge which for many is now controlled by the freeholder and their agent, so leaseholders are currently responsible enough to pay all the bills, but not responsible enough to manage their own building or appoint an agent to do so ? We have non resident leaseholders in our building and they were as keen as the resident leaseholders to achieve Right to Manage so it is not true that non residents are not interested in a fair deal. The freeholder and their agent can frustrate communication between leaseholders by hiding behind GDPR rules, making it difficult for leaseholders to organise themselves or achieve Right to Manage or enfranchisement. Commonhold has not taken off because developers and freeholders make a healthy living from the leasehold system and have no incentive to change. My friends who live in apartments in Italy call the England and Wales leasehold system mafia style legalised extortion, and they do fine under a Commonhold type system there. If someone is so disinterested or incapable concerning their building and flat inside it, then they should consider being a shorthold tenant. Time for freeholders who take no interest in leaseholders or their building apart from extracting fees, to leave and earn an honest living.

From: Simon Davies 18 January 2021 12:44 PM

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