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Using Building Safety to justify why Leasehold needs to continue is desperate and low. Clearly Leasehold tenure has not done anything to help the current thousands trapped in unsafe buildings through no fault of their own. Firstly it's time you give up on the ground rent issue. You have already lost that one. Government are going to legislate at the first opportunity to ban future ground rents. A point you need to accept. We don't need your invested interest in our homes, nor are we thankful for it. We are responsible adults who can appoint our own choice of professional managing agent to effectively manage and run our blocks. We don't need Long Harbour for this. This will enable us adults to have control over who we appoint and control over spending. I do agree with your patronising point you make about "Disputes over no hot water" will remain. Correct they will, difference being is WE as the people that pay all the bills will be responsible/ IN CONTROL for choosing who fixes it, and how much is spent fixing it. You repeatedly bang the drum about how "complex" building management is. Correct. The point is we don't need you to sort that. I repeat myself again when I said we need professional management companies to do this we don't need a 3rd party interest. You comment "We employ dedicated professional teams who can act swiftly and deal efficiently with complex issues that arise from block management" is pointless as we too under Commonhold can appoint dedicated professionals teams also. You state that some campaign groups want building management to fall to residents. As the founder of the National Leasehold Campaign (NLC) which has over 19,200 members I can assure you we fully appreciate the important role managing agents play and will continue to play under the new future Commonhold system. Strange how your recent Savanta survey never reached any of the members of the NLC ?? We haven't mis-diagnosed the problem. It is clear the fundamental root cause problem is Leasehold which definitely has no place to play in the solution. Enough is enough of the leasehold system being used as a cash cow. The work the Law Commission have carried out is outstanding and thorough. You are trying to discredit it because you don't like the outcomes. The problem you have accepting it is because your income stream will be cut. LKP along with NLC invite you to be a speaker at the next APPG on Leasehold & Commonhold Reform. Can we put you down ?? I think you have Martin Boyd's Email address from LKP

From: katie kendrick 19 November 2020 22:24 PM

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