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Four new Investment zones revealed by government

The government has been making a flurry of announcements about new investment areas in recent weeks, the single biggest of which was a proposal for a jaw-dropping 250,000 new homes in Cambridge.

We reported on the Cambridge news last week on Property Investor Today. Here are the four new schemes:

  • A ‘Docklands 2.0’ vision in East London for up to 65,000 homes across multiple sites including Thamesmead, Beckton and Silvertown. The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities says: “Beautiful, well-connected homes and new landscaped parkland will be integral to the vision. We will look at how we can ensure better transport connections from east to west, to ‘crowd in’ local and private investment, and to build the best evidence on how and whether the government will invest in the future.”
  • London will also be the focus of the government’s decision to allow the Affordable Homes Programme to be directed towards regeneration for the first time – with up to £1 billion available in London alone. This is part of what the government calls “a transformative reform” that will change how we level up communities across the country. The DLUHC comments: “We have also made £1 million available to push forward work with the Mayor to consider how we drive housing delivery in London, including looking at innovative new ways that industrial land can be released for housing.”
  • In central Leeds the government says it will work with partners to regenerate the city centre and explore how a West Yorkshire mass transit system could open up the city to many more workers across its burgeoning financial, digital and legal sectors. The government has already allocated £40m to West Yorkshire Combined Authority to support development of the mass transit system and offer what it pledges will be “a greener, quicker and more reliable option of travel.” The government will accelerate work in the centre of Leeds by identifying t housing growth sites within the city rim including the South Bank, Innovation Arc, and local and neighbourhood plans, potentially delivering up to 20,000 new homes over the next decade. 
  • And finally, the government says it will work with local partners in Barrow-in-Furness, to help make it a new “powerhouse of the North” extending beyond its current boundaries with thousands of new homes and space for new businesses to benefit from the scientific and technical expertise already clustered there.
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    Announcements of new investments; 250 homes in Cambridge, 65,000 in Docklands, London and other parts of London where £1b would be invested. Also Leeds. How long before these homes come to fruition, 2 to 3 years. Shortage is now and it is increasing. Those homes are not going to be sufficient. Why do the government not buy the existing landlord properties that are available now to purchase. Due to RRB, there are a lot of properties available from now to the next 3 years. There has to be equality in housing guidelines and RRB. Whatever the PRS have to abide by, the councils, housing association who provide social housing have abide by the same rules, regarding EPC, gas and electrical certificates, on going maintenance to ensure no mouldy bathroom and bedrooms etc. It is totally pointless in government having a spur of initial investment and then stop looking after the social tenants. This whole process needs admin, maintenance staff, which no doubt will be outsourced to highest bidder for work. Government officials have no idea of work involved and the true cost of keeping the social tenants happy, not to mention rent arrears. To the government, I shall say, "Happy investing", "see how you trip over within 10 years of your first phase of completion and letting to social tenants". Yes it is totally the government's responsibilities to provide social housing, especially to the growing single mothers of UK.


    True-the shortage is now, and has been increasing due to U.K.’s soft laws, a lack of border controls resulting in taxpayers having to house illegals in five star hotels, and more unfair laws favouring unscrupulous tenants.
    All politicians- Govt, Opposition and other political parties future strategy is to destroy small PRS Landlords, create institutional and council landlords who don’t have to comply with EPC, or eviction rules.
    Councils can evict the tenants without a court order, and keep tenants in unsafe accommodation whilst charging rents but a PRS landlord has to be compliant with multiple safety certifications, can not refuse destructive pets, and can not evict an unscrupulous tenant without losing thousands of pounds in a court action.

    It’s certainly NOT Govt’s responsibility to provide housing to Single mothers/fathers. They choose to become a parent hence should work to pay for accommodation,
    (or share multi generational homes), just as other people do to support their children & family by working to earn an income.

    Govt. should be held to account & take responsibility for housing British veterans, elderly, disabled, less able over any other category for housing and benefits, instead of saving the world’s population-legals/illegals and parents who want to shift own children’s responsibilities to the state by claiming single parent status.
    Govt needs to hold both parents accountable for bringing up their children instead of handing out freebies to reckless singletons.
    #greatbritainfirst #socialhousingforbritishveteransfirst


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