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Revealed - UK cities that student landlords should invest in

Letting to students can be an excellent opportunity for landlords and investors. Landlords and investors who are aware of yearly revenue from student rentals, rental costs, and the population of students within the UK could reap excellent benefits.

Student landlords have 164 higher education options across the UK to choose from, but to make the decision-making process easier CIA Landlords have listed the top five cities in the UK student landlords should be investing in. 

To accumulate a list of the most profitable opportunities for landlords, the student population of each city, the number of households and the average rent in student areas have all been analysed.


The top 5 locations for student landlords

With annual revenue from student rentals of around £2,661,110,735, London is the number one city for landlords letting to students. The results also reveal that average student rental prices cost around £2,565.19 per month.

Although likely to generate exciting profits, landlords must take into account that it is more expensive to invest in properties in the capital because it is highly competitive.

The results show landlords located in Belfast are also accumulating a high yearly revenue from student rentals. These currently sit around £1,766,103,096 and 22.1% of the population are students.

All parties are put in a good position as despite large profits for landlords, with rent at £832.40 per month, Belfast students also benefit from relatively low rental prices.

Student landlords who invest in Durham will be in a location where over a third of the city’s population are students. Yearly revenue from students brings an average of £771,746,489, while average student rental prices cost around £782.15 per month.

Across South East Scotland, meanwhile, student rentals are likely to reach £568,428,420 each year. Edinburgh is also marked as the fifth most expensive location for the average student, with rental prices standing at £1,285.28.

In fifth place, with roughly £547,079,641 worth of yearly revenue from student rentals, is Manchester. Student rental prices across the major city in the northwest of England average at £1,160.76. It also ranks as having the sixth highest percentage of students compared to the total population at 20.6%.


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