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Revealed – UK regions with the best value for speed broadband

Comparison website for home switching services, USwitch, recently revealed the cheapest places to buy a house for the best broadband coverage.

Each area was given a score out of 10 based on its broadband availability and house prices. 10 is ranked the highest while 0 is the worst. An average of these two scores was then taken to calculate the overall score.

The research was gathered using Ofcom and UK House Price Index figures.


Top regions for broadband

In first place for low house prices and broadband coverage was Kingston Upon Hull in East Yorkshire. The reason behind this could residents in this region can only access KCOM internet. As this network is smaller than competitors the performance is generally better. Kingston upon Hull also has the eleventh-lowest average house prices/

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Waverley and Surrey ranked the lowest in these two categories

Middlesbrough is the top-performing area for residents on the Openreach network. Average house prices are also £135,288 and the area scores 9.75 for broadband value.

Waverley in Surrey is labelled as having the worst broadband, yet house prices are fairly expensive. In this part of Surrey average prices total over £540,000.

Catherine Hiley, a broadband expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “If you’re an avid online gamer, regularly send large files, or stream 4K content on multiple devices, you’ll most likely need faster broadband than a standard ADSL package. 

“For the most part, superfast broadband speeds are plenty for many households with average usage, however as technology improves and the availability of a full-fibre connection increases, ultrafast broadband could quickly become the standard.” 

“With a large number of people continuing to work from home in 2022, it is vital that households are able to access ultrafast broadband connections up and down the country, to ensure smooth team communications and at-home workplace efficiency.” 

“The main difference between superfast broadband and ultrafast broadband is the speeds they deliver. Superfast broadband is often used to describe broadband packages with speeds between 30Mbps and 100Mbps, while Ultrafast broadband covers speeds ranging from 100Mbps all the way up to 900Mbps.”

“In order to keep everyone happy in your household, and to make sure your connected devices run smoothly, be sure to check out the fastest broadband speeds available in your area using Uswitch’s postcode checker tool.” 


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