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Investors - Women total 48% of UK’s buy-to-let investors

Until recently, the world of buy-to-let investing has traditionally been dominated by men. Current figures, however, reveal women now make up 48% of the 2.6 million buy-to-let investors in the UK. Investors in this sector purchase houses, place tenants in these properties and earn money from these homes over time.

During the most recent tax year, the number of residential property landlords who are women increased to 1.25 million from 1.2 million in 2020. Such a drastic increase in a short period proves times are changing for the better and fast, too.

Recent statistics, gathered by ludlowthompson, show that women’s income is increasing almost twice as fast as men (27% in comparison to 15% in the last five years.) With gender pay gaps proving a long-term issue, these recent statistics are positive and demonstrate progress in the property industry.


Why buy-to-let investments are appealing

London estate agent ludlowthompson observes that compared to other assets, buy-to-let investments have always been the more popular choice among female investors. Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies to invest in, only accounted for 15% of female traders. While 44% of investors in stocks and shares ISAs were women.

Buy-to-let investments offer many benefits compared to other asset classes. This type of investment offers a relatively transparent business model and has a low-price volatility. It also has a history of regular pay-outs, which is particularly helpful during times of financial stress and uncertainty. Another advantage that investors who value saving time will cherish is they do not require in-depth knowledge of company accounts.

Buy-to-let investment income expansions

The housing market is currently thriving, and people always need homes to rent. Approximately one-third of UK millennials aim to rent into retirement, proving buy-to-let is a promising investment with long-term consumers.

Stephen Ludlow, chairman at ludlowthompson, says: “The buy-to-let market has built a reputation of delivering long-term, stable returns to investors looking for income and long-term growth.”

For example, buy-to-let properties in cities such as London and Oxford have secured great financial benefits among UK investors. By investing in the right buy-to-let properties that are in reputable cities early on, you might just hit the jackpot in the long-term.

Womens’ income from buy-to-let investments has drastically increased to £16.1 billion. According to ludlowthompson, women now receive 44% of all income from buy-to-let investments (£16.1 billion of a total of £36.4 billion in income). This is a 27% increase since 2014/15, up from £12.7 billion.

The total income for male landlords has increased by 15%. By comparing total male and female landlord income we can conclude that women may have purchased buy-to-let properties faster than men.

Stephen Ludlow adds: “With the gender gap in buy-to-let ownership narrowing year-on-year, it might not be long until we see a 50:50 gender split amongst buy-to-let investors. This is a significant step considering the much wider ownership gap in other asset classes, such as equities and cryptocurrencies.”

“Buy-to-let property is popular across investors of all different risk appetites. It is a sensible way to diversify an investment portfolio and you are competing against fewer professionals investors than in stock market investments.”

Recent estimates suggest women make up just 15% of the workforce in the property and construction sector. Buy-to-let investing is a rewarding industry that both genders deserve to benefit from.

Over time different industries and spaces are becoming more diverse, equal, and fairer for all genders. Though we have not reached the finish line just yet, these recent statistics indicate that women are well on their way to being better represented, particularly when it comes to buy-to-let investing.

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    I am not surprised. Women can be as hard as nails and nobody will complain. A man in that situation would be up in court for something or other plus harassment.

    As a man, I deliberately use a letting agency run by ladies. They don't know much about plumbing but that is a small cost to bear compared to the ruthless efficiency they demonstrate in their management. They frighten me!


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