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Staycation special: why now is the best time to invest in a UK holiday home

This May Day Bank Holiday, PIT is running a staycation special series on a range of topics associated with a market that is expected to boom again this summer as foreign travel remains off the menu for most. 

Despite changes in legislation due to Brexit and the unpredictable landscape of international travel as a result of the pandemic, interest in UK holidays has boomed, with Google data showing searches for UK holidays more than doubled this January and February compared to the same months last year.

As staycations become more popular, many are considering investing in a UK holiday home, with 77% saying they aspire to own one.


The good news is that now is a fantastic time to buy, with all of summer ahead to enjoy a UK holiday home and international homeownership becoming more complicated due to Brexit and Covid travel restrictions. What’s more, there are many perks of owning a holiday home in the UK, compared to other countries.

To highlight why Brits should consider a domestic holiday home, Park Leisure has highlighted the key benefits and considerations that make buying in the UK a great choice right now.

1. You’ll be able to enjoy it all summer

The process of purchasing a caravan in the UK is quick and easy and you can be moved into your new holiday home in just seven days.

At some holiday parks, including Park Leisure, you’re able to visit hassle-free all 12 months of the year. To make the most of your home throughout the year, consider purchasing in April as you can then visit your new holiday destination during all the bank holidays and through summer.

Owning a holiday home is a financial commitment, however owning one in the UK means you can take advantage of short notice trips and simply hop in the car for a weekend away, rather than needing flights and advance commitment to visit the same country every year.

2. New EU laws are limiting the amount of time you can holiday abroad

Purchasing a home in the UK means that you’ll be much more familiar with property ownership laws and any payments that will be required.

Other countries will often have different laws that you’ll need to be familiar with, in addition to potential hidden costs and fees that can make purchasing a home abroad much more challenging.

It’s also important to remember that Brexit may have an impact on purchasing a European property, and our relationship with the EU is likely to evolve over the coming years, meaning that it’s difficult to predict how foreign homeownership will work in the long term.

There is also now a 90-day rule in the EU since Brexit that will hinder how long you’ll get to enjoy visiting your holiday home before you’ll need to apply for a full long-term immigration visa – with all the costs and hassle that entails.

3. You can make the most of the UK

The UK has incredible regions for a domestic holiday, with world-famous beauty spots across the country, such as the Yorkshire Dales, which was recently voted as the best national park in the world according to Trip Advisor.

Owning a home in the UK means that you can spend time visiting these stunning locations, treating yourself to a world-class holiday for a fraction of the cost and commitment it takes to travel to a holiday home in another country.

4. You could see financial benefits

You can also rent out your property when you’re not using it, helping to make owning a holiday home much more affordable, and even profitable in the long term.

At some holiday parks, including some of Park Leisure’s sites, you can sublet your holiday home when you’re not using it. Most holiday parks will let you choose to manage the subletting yourself or use a sublet management service that will take the effort out of subletting for you.

You can expect a charge for any sublet service to cover managing holiday bookings, cleaning and linen changes, however, this fee is normally taken as a deduction from the holiday booking with no upfront charge to you. The more you sublet your holiday home, the more you can earn.

5. You can bring your pets with you

You can also ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday with your pets, without having to leave them at home or fly them abroad, which can be expensive and traumatic for the animal. Many UK holiday parks are pet friendly, so you can take them along without any restrictions.

6. You can get away quickly and hassle-free

You can choose a holiday park that’s close enough to home to be able to pack up and get away from the hustle and bustle of life within a couple of hours, making spontaneous weekends away possible and stress-free.

Taking a holiday will also be much cheaper, as you’ll only have to pay for fuel, rather than flights and car rental you’ll need when visiting an international holiday home.

Lisa Williams, director of marketing and holiday sales at Park Leisure, comments: “With stunning destinations from Northumberland to Cornwall, Britain has everything you could want for a holiday, especially whilst international travel remains so uncertain.”

“Owning a UK holiday home means that you can make the most of the beauty on your doorstep, whilst also taking advantage of the financial benefits of owning domestically, as well as the ease of travel."

She adds: "Those considering a UK holiday home now will be able to take advantage of some really competitive deals and have the whole of summer to make the most of it.”

For insider tips on buying a caravan or holiday home in the UK, you can visit: https://www.parkleisure.co.uk/news/what-is-the-best-time-of-year-to-buy-a-caravan.

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