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Insight: Which areas promise the biggest property value increases?

Research by Share to Buy has revealed the top locations to buy houses, with the biggest increase in property value over the last decade.

The average UK property value has increased 10% this year alone — and some locations have increased in value more than others.

The North East recorded the best results for increasing property value, with prices nearly tripling by 186% in the last 10 years. This is followed by South East (82%) and West Midlands (61%).


Share to Buy also analysed Land Registry data to speculate what these property hotspots could be worth in 10 years’ time if growth continues at the current rate.   

Manchester — 112.1% property value increase

Manchester topped the list, with the average property value in the city rising from £139,783 to £296,536 over the past ten years. At this rate, the average property price in Manchester in 2031 would be around £629,000.

Coventry — 93.7% property value increase 

The average property price in Coventry has increased from £150,809 in 2010 to £292,081 in 2021. At this rate of consistent growth, Share to Buy predicts the average Coventry property value in 2031 could be around £565,869.

Birmingham — 78.4% property value increase 

The research shows the average property in Birmingham has increased in value from £149,928 in 2010 to £267,442 in 2021. The average property value could reach around £477,000 in ten years if growth remains steady.

Gloucester — 78.1% property value increase 

Ten years ago, the average Gloucester property was worth around £211,711. Nowadays, it’s worth over £377,053. At this rate, Share to Buy projects the average property in Gloucester could be valued at over £670,000 in ten years.

Milton Keynes — 77.9% property value increase

The average property in Milton Keynes was £210,120 ten years ago; now, it’s £373,809. This suggests the average Milton Keynes home in ten years will be roughly £665,000. 

Nick Lieb, head of operations at Share to Buy, explains: “First-time buyers looking to get on the property ladder may wish to do so for a combination of reasons: it’s common to not just want a comfortable home to live in, but the chance to buy in an area you love, as well as making a solid investment to ensure financial wellbeing over the long term.”

“Locations where property values steeply increase are a great option for buyers looking for not only a home but an investment; however, the initial costs in these locations are often out of reach for first-time buyers.”

While these projections are based on the current rate, many potential purchasers are already feeling priced out of the property market in popular areas. Lieb says that’s why schemes like Shared Ownership and Help to Buy exist.

“These government-backed products assist buyers in climbing the property ladder by lessening the upfront deposit costs,” he adds. “Shared Ownership allows buyers to purchase a share of a property, while Help to Buy can help first time buyers with the assistance of an equity loan.”

“As a result, eligible buyers who would otherwise struggle to buy can purchase properties in sought-after locations which offer a rich lifestyle and a solid return of their initial investment when the time to sell eventually comes.”

To view Share to Buy's full research, complete with tables and an infographic, click here


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