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10 interior tips and tricks to increase your rental income

When furnishing a rental property, it’s important to think about how you can maximise your income and really make the most out of your investment.

Tenants are increasingly willing to pay extra for a property that feels high-quality, spacious and functional.

They are also much more likely to take good care of a stylish, well-decorated property that feels like home.


With this in mind, here are Temza’s 10 simple tips and tricks to increase your rental income and attract those dream tenants…

1. Keep it minimalist (no clutter!)

Don’t overcrowd the room with decorations. Instead, go for just one or two good-size artworks and a couple of large decoration items—for example a lamp or vase. Let your room breathe.

2. Add a little something extra

Something more than just the bare essentials will make your property stand out in the minds of your prospective tenants. Add fresh flowers and plants, or if this is a bit too much upkeep, try a pretty bowl of colourful fruit.

Try to appeal to all of the different senses; a subtle air freshener can help to make your property inviting and memorable.

3. Be clever and creative about storage

Add enough storage for your potential tenant; fitted wardrobes are ideal.

Other creative ways to add functionality to your property include using a window with integrated storage or adding a stylish trunk to add a bit of character.

4. Use different lighting solutions

Don’t limit the light source to spot lights; go for variations and get creative!

A floor lamp, pendant above the bedside table, and wall lights are all great options, and there are many more lighting solutions to explore.

5. Dress the bedroom

A nice headboard, some quality bedding and pillows, decorative cushions and a plush throw are all you need for a comfortable, relaxing bedroom.

Add a book and a candle to the beside tables (or shelf if you don’t have the space) to add some more personality to the room.

6. Curtains

Many people leave the window dressing as an afterthought or go for cheap roller blinds.

However, if you have the budget, definitely consider properly-fitted curtains made from quality material. It’s little touches like this that can make a huge difference to the overall look of the property.

7. Well-organised and well-proportioned

Don’t try to squeeze a super king size bed into a space that only allows a double bed. Go for furniture with exposed legs to make your room feel more airy.

If you have no space to fit bedside tables or a dressing table, think of creative solutions: fit a small shelf instead of a bedside table or use a longer shelf as a dressing table.

If there is no chance for any type of bedside table, an alcove inside the wall can be a great space and money saving solution.

8. Use colour to your advantage

There are a few colour tricks you can use to your advantage, to make your space feel bigger or cosier.

To make space feel bigger, the general rule of thumb is to go for a lighter colour for the walls, but I would advise against brilliant white. Instead, go for softer off-white to make your bedroom feel cosier.

There are other tricks with colour that you can try, such as using the same paint colour for walls and fitted joinery to make it look less visible, or painting the ceiling a darker shade than the walls for a dramatic, striking look.

9. First impressions count

Create a welcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter the property. This could be a simple as a centrepiece in the form of a small console table, a vase of fresh flowers (not fake), a pretty lamp or an upholstered bench.

10. Use mirrors to bounce light from the window

For darker and smaller spaces, mirrors can be a real lifesaver. Aside from simply hanging a mirror on the wall, there are a few other ways to use them cleverly to create an illusion of extra space.

The most obvious would be to go for mirrored wardrobe doors, but another idea is to incorporate mirrors into the shelving design by using them as back panels.

If you’re feeling inspired by these tips and tricks to increase your rental income but need some help putting everything together, take a look at Temza’s bespoke furniture packages, which are specifically tailored for rental properties.

*Sonia Pash is the founder of Temza interior design and build 


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