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France crowned the top choice for Brit families relocating

France has been revealed as the top choice of EU country for British emigrants when it comes to moving overseas with children, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In fact, there were 20,100 British children living in France during 2017, accounting for 34% of all British children living in EU countries. Some 19% of Brits living in the EU called France their home in 2017, making it the second most popular country after Spain.

Fleur Buckley, property services manager at FrenchEntrée, described France as a ‘natural choice’ for those looking to relocate with children, given its excellent credentials when it comes to family living.


He said: “French family homes offer excellent value for money and the education system is very thorough, challenging children to achieve their full potential.”

“Add to that some stunning rural and coastal scenery, and a choice of vibrant cities, and it’s easy to see why France is home to more British children than any other EU country.”

Meanwhile, retirees – those aged 65 and over – accounted for just 19% of British citizens living in France, while 68% were aged 15-64 and 13% were under 15. Of those aged 15-64, 52% are employed while 5% are unemployed. The remaining 43% were students or those looking after children.

Buckley continued: “France is so much more than just a retirement destination. Sprawling farmhouses, split-level city apartments, coastal cottages all serve to attract British buyers looking to get more out of family life by moving to France, as the latest ONS figures demonstrate.”


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