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AI-powered website aims to help investors find deal of a lifetime

A property investment company, One & Only Pro, has launched its online offering after spending two years developing its complex algorithms and data analysis.

With an aim to help investors find the deal of a lifetime, the firm’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered site allows investors and landlords to search for property investment deals by area and then compare them using a range of innovative criteria.

There are currently over 100,000 properties listed on One & Only Pro, each located in 172 buy-to-let hotspots, many are priced below market value (BMV) or offer yields of more than 10%.


This year’s website launch follows two years of digital development and was funded by a range of investors.

Property buying decisions made quicker

One & Only Pro’s website is one of the UK property market’s only platforms dedicated solely to investment, “combining expert knowledge with technology to quickly identify the best opportunities available”.

The platform saves users from spending hours doing their own research by calculating everything and providing insightful, accurate data in seconds. While it’s free to use, if users wish to get the most valuable data, they have to sign up and pay a small monthly subscription fee.

"Our new website has been designed with the specific aim of helping investors to identify opportunities faster, using the best data available," said Henri Sant-Cassia, chief executive officer of One & Only Pro.

"Property investment should always be head over heart and our site gives investors of all levels the perfect platform to make informed decisions by analysing data and information that isn’t available anywhere else."

Algorithms and analysis reveal valuable opportunities

The platform is able to unearth investment opportunities from thousands of available properties using a combination of AI, expert knowledge and unique algorithms.

Subscribed users can use a range of innovative features to weigh up the pros and cons of potential investments. The ‘Score’ identifies a property’s capital appreciation potential. Each opportunity is scored from one to 10, with the highest scoring listings having the strongest potential for significant gains in the future.

Next to every Score, each listing will also show a true rental yield which is researched and checked by One & Only Pro’s data analysts. Users can also benefit from a range of insights including a mortgage calculator and yield calculator.

“Landlords and investors want to know which properties offer the best long-term growth potential, but they also want to know how much is going to be generated each year,” Sant-Cassia said.

He said that yields published online can often be misleading, which is why One & Only Pro is committed to providing the ‘most accurate and up-to-date yield data around’.

A platform to get people interested in property management

One & Only Pro hopes that by offering a simple way to unearth outstanding deals, more people will get engaged with property investment.

Sant-Cassia added: “Property investment shouldn't be a closed shop. There are thousands of affordable and profitable opportunities out there which our platform can identify.”

“We want to provide people with all the tools they need to make quick, informed decisions which are influenced by data and figures and assisted by cutting-edge technology.”

Helping disillusioned property investors on to the ladder

The platform will also aim to help disheartened first-time buyers to take their first steps on the property ladder by purchasing cheaper investment opportunities – hosting a range of potential investments priced at £50,000 or below.

“For those looking to purchase their first home, particularly in London, options are limited due to exceptionally high house price,” Sant-Cassia continued.

“There are, however, so many opportunities all over the country to purchase a smaller investment, the returns from which could be used to subsidise rent or as savings towards a deposit for a first home.”

He finalised: “If more people embrace the concept of investing in property in a slightly different way, this could help to increase property ownership in the future, as well as contribute towards the much-needed supply of rental homes.”


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