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Here's how to stay safe and beat the fraudsters

Most landlords are unable to identify a fake passport when presented with one leaving them vulnerable to fraudsters with fake ID’s, according to recent research.

The vast majority of property invetors with a buy-to-let portfolio rely on passports for anti-fraud purposes and to check that a tenant has the legal right to rent a home in England, in accordance with mandatory Right to Rent checks.

However, a study conducted by Atomik Research shows that many private landlords simply cannot tell the difference between real and fake passports.


The survey, conducted earlier this year, found that 68% of the 1,013 respondents were unable to identify if a passport was a real document or a fake.

“The research shows that criminals are using fakes that are impossible to identify with the naked eye,” said David Pope, marketing director at identity confirmation service, HooYu.

To help you stay safe and beat the fraudsters and scammers, HooYu offer the following top tips:

1/ If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Ask your friends and family for their opinion before you act

2/ If you’re on a website and they suggest you start to converse outside of the site or the app you’re using then be on your guard

3/ If you’re dealing with a potential investment opportunity then check to see if they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

4/ Always ask for an identity document to prove their identity, if they refuse then you have your answer and you’ve probably had a lucky escape

5/ Use HooYu to check their identity document, most people aren’t experts at identifying fake ID documents! 


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