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Pokémon GO could 'add real value' to your home’, says online agent

Forget good schools, low crime rates and having a decent gym near your property, it would appear that Pokemon Go is the latest fad when it comes to adding significant value to your home, according to a leading online estate agent.

Urban.co.uk report that more homeowners are now using Pokémon GO to add ‘real value’ to their home by using PokéGyms and PokéStops as nearby points of interest for their property.

Adam Male, Co-founder of Urban.co.uk, said: “Selling or letting a property in today’s fast-paced market is all about appealing to the relevant target market and getting suitable people through the door. Although it’s great to include PokéGyms and PokéStops as nearby points of interest, the most important thing to explain to prospective buyers and tenants is the likely spike in people gathering at nearby locations. There may be an innocent explanation for this; so let buyers and tenants know before they think it’s something sinister.


“Sellers and landlords may also experience an increasing number of people viewing their property with a phone glued to their hand – Pokémon-ers could start to visit properties for the sole purpose of catching an elusive Charizard. Be sure to ask relevant questions to ensure your time isn’t wasted.”

For those of you potentially interested in using your Pokémon GO as a selling point, Urban.co.uk has compiled the following advice for sellers and landlords to enable them to use this tool effectively when selling or letting their property.

+ Understand the game!

If you are planning to use Pokémon GO in a property listing, make sure you understand the game and that all of the details you include are factually true. For most buyers, you will be the authority on your property, so you should be able to explain everything in your listing – from the property’s heating system, to where the nearest PokéStop.

If you’re unsure about the facts, don’t risk tripping yourself up by including details you don’t understand.

+ Be ready to explain what’s going on

If your property is near a PokéGym or PokéStop, you should expect to see the occasional person loitering with their phone poised. It’s all very amicable but it is worth being aware of. Be prepared to explain to viewers the sudden influx of Pokémon players in a quiet residential street, as this could be unnerving if not clarified.

+ Treat PokémonGo as a plus point, rather than a sole focus

Although you may be keen to mention Pokémon Go in your property particulars, don’t focus all of your attention on the benefits of the game. Pokémon GO may not be around forever, however, good transport links, spacious rooms and nice surrounding neighbourhoods will always be popular. Be sensible with the information you include, as Pokémon often disappear from a certain location after a certain amount of time, so it’s best to stick to steadfast features / attractions such as PokéGyms and PokéStops in the area.

+ Prepare for time-wasters

If you do use Pokémon GO as a hook in your property description, be aware that you may have to deal with a number of people who are booking viewings, simply to explore your property for hard-to-find Pokémon. There are an increasing number of people in the UK who are exploring every avenue to ‘catch ‘em all’ and you never know what your home may be hiding!

+ Understand your legal rights

Pokémon can pop up anywhere and people go absolutely gaga for them. There have even been reports of players attempting to gain access to private property in order to catch an elusive Pokémon, so be careful whom you allow in your house. 


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