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Britain may not leave the EU now that Theresa 'soft Brexit' May is PM

Andrea Leadsom’s decision to withdraw from the race for the keys to Number 10 Downing Street yesterday, has not just paved the way for Theresa May to become the next Prime Minister of the UK, but has also opened the door to a second EU referendum, according to a leading property investor.

Leadsom was the pro-Brexit contender for the leadership of the Conservative party, while May, who supported the 'Remain' camp, is viewed by some as being reluctant to leave the EU, even if she says otherwise.

May has insisted that there would be “no attempts to remain inside the EU”, with no second referendum or “attempts to rejoin it by the backdoor”. But Daniel Vernazza, lead UK economist at UniCredit, views May as ‘soft’ on the idea of a Brexit.


He said: “Leadsom was one of the faces of the leave campaign and was likely to favour a “hard Brexit”; that is, meaningful restrictions on free movement that is simply incompatible with access to the single market. In contrast, Theresa May backed the campaign to remain in the EU and, although she has Eurosceptic tendencies, it is widely thought that Theresa May is more likely to seek a soft Brexit.”

The surprise announcement that Leadsom was stepping aside, allowing Theresa May to become the next PM, was welcomed by markets and businesses yesterday which have been starved of certainty ever since the country voted to exit the European Union last month.

However, veteran property investor Marco Robinson believes that May will not be committed to Brexit and as a consequence there could be a second EU referendum in the near future.

“In my view there may very well be a second referendum, which means Brexit might not actually happen at all,” said Robinson. “Theresa May is a staunch Remain campaigner, and you cannot have a PM that has voted against leaving the EU lead the efficient exit of the EU, it just does not work.”

Robinson hopes that he is proven wrong as he is fan of Britain leaving the EU and believes that the country will thrive outside the 28 member state.

“Brexit, in my view, is a very, very good thing not just for the UK economy,” he said. “The next three months is the best opportunity to buy Property in the UK there has been in the last 50 years!”

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The Marco LIVE ‘Buy-to-Let Property Buying System’ seminar, which will be held on Sunday 17th July, at the Marriott Hotel in Kensington, will cover a whole host of topics, including what a post Brexit UK housing market will look like, as well as various home buying and selling strategies, ways in which to maximise profits and save on tax, among a host of investment techniques.

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  • Owen Nato

    Marco Robinson really does not understand politics!!

  • icon

    Theresa May has said "Brexit means Brexit"

    The majority have spoken. Why can't some people accept this!

  • icon

    It might be the best opportunity to buy properties in UK, but there have to be more realistic view on Brexit case..


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