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Emerging markets look more attractive following Brexit

With Britain in turmoil following the vote to leave the EU and uncertainty mounting in the USA ahead of the presidential elections, emerging property markets are increasing looking like the best investment in 2016, according to Kian Moini, managing director of Lamudi. 

The head of the global property platform is urging property investors to consider investing in emerging property markets that trade predominantly with the United States and are less exposed to the EU crisis.

Kian Moini, managing director of Lamudi, said: “With investors scared away from Britain, and the United States still in a downturn, high-growth countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, and Pakistan offer good alternative investment opportunities and going forward will be fundamental in a balanced portfolio.”


Investors will look increasingly to the emerging markets as an alternative with the downturn in Western developed nations. The opportunities are enticing: higher-potential returns, lower entry prices, and favorable long-term growth indicators. 

According to a report by EY, the middle class will expand by 3bn over the next two decades, with the vast majority of that growth in the emerging world. This equates to long-term demand for real estate. As more people rise into the middle class their expectation for modern residential housing will increase. Emerging market real estate investment exists in stocks, REITs, foreign direct investment, and ETFs.

“While you can read nothing but negativity in the media following Brexit we see it quite differently,” Moini added. 


  • Mark Hempshell

    An interesting viewpoint, but I think global investors might take some persuading that Lahore is better than London, or Manila better than Manchester for that matter. The fundamentals behind the UK market are still very strong, added to which many investors can still remember what happened in emerging markets less than a decade ago.


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