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Three quarters of property investors think Brexit would discourage investment

Property investors have warned that if the UK were to leave the European Union then it would be a worse place to invest, according to a new report by property advisor CBRE.

The proportion of respondents who believe that the UK would be a slightly worse place to invest should it leave Europe has increased from 32% in 2014 to 46% in 2016.

Overall, 73% said the UK would be a worse place to invest compared against 69% last year.

The UK plan to hold a referendum on 23rd June, concerning whether to remain in the EU.

CBRE has also revealed that they expect investors will behave in the same way that they did in Scotland before the 2014 independence referendum, with many delaying property discussions until after the vote.

The report has also revealed that the majority of experts feel that the UK would economically suffer from the exit, and would suffer a ‘demand shock’ were the UK to leave. 

The financial sector is particularly vulnerable because of the various changes in regulations, which could affect trading within the EU.

Miles Gibson, head of UK research at CBRE, commented on the possibility of leaving the EU: “The UK has experienced record property investment in the last few years and property investors fear that a Brexit would adversely affect the attractiveness of the UK as an inward investment destination.” 


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