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UK house prices set to rise sharply over next five years

Residential property prices across parts of the UK could rise by more than £50,000 over the next five years, although much will depend on the direction Brexit negotiations take, according to Savills.

The estate agent forecasts that the average price of a home in the UK will rise by 13% by the end of 2021, up from their current level of £214,000 to £242,000, led by gains in the South East of England where prices are expected to rise by 17%, from £313,000 to almost £366,000.

In percentage terms, the East of England is expected to see the biggest rise in prices, up 19% between now and 2021. But a lower existing average home price there of £273,000 means this translates into a slightly lower monetary increase of £51,000 to £324,000 by 2021.


The house price rises that are predicted will be lower than those recorded across the country during the previous five years. Between 2011 and 2016 average home prices across the UK rose by £47,900, said Savills, which believes that the level of growth in the next five years will largely depend on Brexit negotiations, and in particular the impact that it has on the mortgage market.

Lucian Cook, Savills UK head of residential research, said: “Brexit has forced the market to change gear and created uncertainty.

“The period of negotiation with the EU is likely to be a rollercoaster of confidence.

“Buyer sentiment across all sectors of the market is likely to be fragile during the period of negotiations to leave the EU.”

The experts at Savills also expect the rental market to slow next year due to the effects of Brexit, but rental values are expected to rise at a faster rate than house prices over the next five years.

UK Mainstream Average current 5 year growth Forecast Dec 2021
London £481,000 11% £533,400
South East £313,000 17% £366,200
East of England £273,000 19% £324,000
South West £239,000 14% £272,800
West Midlands £176,000 13% £198,000
East Midlands £171,000 14% £194,200
Yorkshire & Humberside £147,000 10% £161,300
North West £147,000 12% £164,600
Wales £143,000 10% £156,800
Scotland £140,000 9% £152,700
North East £122,000 9% £133,200
UK £214,000 13% £241,900

Source: Savills


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