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Househunters not put off by resident ghosts

The majority of househunters would not be put off buying a property that contained a ghostly presence, it has been revealed.

In a special Halloween survey from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks, 67% of those surveyed would not be put off from buying a haunted house, and 6% would be more inclined to view a property if they knew it contained supernatural occurrences.

However some of those surveyed were not so thrilled at the prospect of sharing their home with a ghost, as 20% claimed they would have to back out of a purchase if there was even the slightest glimpse of an ethereal guest.


These figures varied nationally, and it appeared that those in the North East and Wales were more against the idea of sharing a home with a ghost, as 36% said that they would be put off purchasing their dream property, compared to just 29% for those difficult to fright Yorkshire and South West residents.

Gender played a big role in the figures too. Women were less inclined to purchase a property with supernatural presences, as 40% declared that they wouldn’t buy a haunted property, whereas just 24% of men would be put off.

“Everyone is looking for something different in their dream home however we were surprised that the majority of people would be happy to share with a supernatural presence,” comments Steve Fletcher, Director, Retail Banking.

Spooky street names have affected the property market too. It has been revealed that those living in frightfully named roads such as Cackle Street, Cauldron Crescent and Spiders Lane have seen their property prices rocket in recent years. Spook Hill in Dorking is fine example of this, as with a average street property price of £651,000, it’s over £50,000 higher than the average property price in that area as a whole. 


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