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Interview of Gavriel Merkado
Written by the Property Investor Today team
Gavriel Merkado, REalyse CEO & Founder

Q: What does it say on your business card?

Gavriel Merkado, Founder and CEO of REalyse

Q: Who are REalyse?


REalyse is a big data analysis platform that enables residential property developers and investors to determine where, when and what to develop. With our platform, users can cut down the typical appraisal and site selection process by 90%. This, in turn, can help ensure that future properties are built in the right areas, at times when the public need and want them.

Q: How long has REalyse been trading?

Just under a year - so much has happened in such a short space of time!

Q: How did it all start?

I previously worked as a quantitative analyst in the financial sector before moving into real estate where I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of data available in the property market. So, I set myself the challenge of applying a mathematical formula to the property market, in a similar way to what I did to the financial markets.  The result was a data system that went on to become REalyse.

Q: How do you create value for your clients?

We save investors time that they would otherwise spend trawling through a whole host of public data, alongside providing them access to exclusive data sets which are unique to REalyse. No other platform out there can offer the level of detail that our 230 strong data sets do, all in one place.

Q: Who should use REalyse?

Enterprise businesspeople, large property developers, investors and financial companies would get the most value from our platform.

Q: What’s unique about REalyse and how do you get the edge on your competitors?

Our competitors use in house analysts to examine their data, but we do this process autonomously using computers, allowing us to operate more efficiently. What might take a group of analyst 120 hours can be done by us in a couple of hours. We’re currently the product out there which does this.

Q: How do you monetise the platform?

We charge a monthly subscription to the platform along with training. If you’re interested in getting set up then contact us for a 14 day demo account.

Q: Who do you currently work with?

While we mostly work with property developers and investment companies, ranging across the spectrum in terms of size and scope of activity. We’re also quite proud of our partnership with the Move With Us network which allows their agents to use the platform when advising investment and development clients.

Q: What is your greatest achievement and what made it so special?

That’s a tough one. However ultimately I think that the partnership just mentioned.

Q: What do you feel it takes to be successful in the industry?

Success in the property investment market is about making the right decisions on where, when and what to invest in - if a developer can perfect this they stand a much higher chance of succeeding. I really do believe this, so much so in fact, that it’s the foundation upon which I built REalyse; our aim is to take the uncertainty out of property investment decision making. In terms of business success more generally I’d say build an amazing product, surround yourself with the right team, be fearless, persistent and never stop innovating. We constantly test, measure and improve our platform and we’re obsessed about perfecting the user experience - having that ‘customer first’ mind-set is crucial to business success.   


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