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Interview of David Vieira
Written by the Property Investor Today team
David Vieira, Go Commercial Finance Ltd

Q: Who Are Go Commercial Finance & why did you set up Go Commercial Finance?

Go Commercial Finance is a true, whole of market broker, for commercial finance in the SME arena. SME's are still finding it difficult to obtain traditional forms of credit from high street banks and as such a new market, alternative finance, has exploded into the corporate finance & property market, giving the small business owner and property investors an array of products and services not previously found in the UK.

Subsequently, the lack of bank lending to businesses means that a lack of investment could create liquidity and cash flow problems. This dampens the growth and expansion of most viable, profitable businesses and in some cases could lead into insolvency.


We are here to try and make sure this doesn't happen, to assure the small business owner/property investor money is readily available in the market and they can borrow with ease, flexibility and in a short space of time, without the requirement of lengthy paperwork, business plans and cash flows. This gives them more time to do what they are best at – running their business.

Q: What services do you offer?

We can help with a broad range of services and products – from business loans, commercial & buy-to-let mortgages, asset and bridging finance, and everything in between. We are a true whole of market broker for commercial  and buy to let property finance.

Q: How long has Go Commercial Finance been trading?

Go Commercial Finance has been trading since 2013, with the sole purpose of helping the small business owner / Property investor receive expert commercial finance advice outside of the high street banks.

Q: Why choose Go Commercial Finance as a company name?

We thought it sounded catchy, and it forms a basis for the 'Go Group'.

Q: What is your unique selling point?

We are unique in that we employ consultants who have owned a business in the past so will truly understand the day-to-day struggles, and sleepless nights, that some SMEs face.

We have extensive experienced in processing commercial mortgage and unsecured business loan applications with a ‘whole of market’ panel, which means we are not tied to any one bank or funder, allowing us to give truly impartial and best advice.

Q: What would you say to people considering going into professional property investment?

Purchasing investment properties can be a lucrative source of second or additional income, but it must be brought at the right time and for the right price. You will need a minimum of a 20% deposit and surplus for additional fees such as lenders legal’s fees.

Limited company mortgages are also great for those that want to buy property as a collective rather than just two individuals, freehold properties are also welcome, where a property investor has converted an old shop front or house into multi occupancy. This is exactly the sort of area where we can help new and existing investors/developers.

Q: What sort of rates have you been securing for your clients property investment deals?

We have recently secured a rate of 2.99% above Bank of England base rate at 75% Loan to Value. As you can imagine, the client was very satisfied with this. Fixed rates are also available.

Q: Where do you differ from your competitors?

Most of our consultants have personal experience in owning businesses gives us a much more in depth knowledge of a client’s needs. A business needs a broker that understands – a broker that is supportive, forward-thinking and personable.

We spend a great deal of time getting to know our customers and understanding their unique needs to make borrowing money straightforward. We want them to focus on what’s important to them – growing their business.

Q: What else do you do for your clients?

We have great success in helping clients borrow unsecured business loans, providing flexible financial solutions. We do not guarantee funding in one hour, because we want to help fund a business responsibly, ensuring that repayments are as comfortable as possible and do not jeopardise its survival prospects. We can help raise anything from £10k to £500k in as little as 10 working days.

Q: What do you feel it takes to be successful in the industry?

You need to listen to your clients' requirements, and not pigeon hole them into 'lender requirements'. On top of this, having a great deal of knowledge of the 120 lenders on the market also helps!


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