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You can never have too many rings in a box. Designers never get tired of coming up with new variants and making stunning interpretations of already known ones. The rings are made in different jewellery techniques: with blackening, embossing, in different styles from classic and vintage to avant-garde and art deco. It's hard not to get lost. We will help you sort out and choose the perfect ring for your mood or a special occasion.

Platinum 0.50cts Diamond Engagement Ring

The use

There is a legend about the appearance of the first rings. After Prometheus was chained to a rock for helping people, he began to wear a ring in memory of this, as part of the shackles. In ancient times, this jewellery was not only worn as an ornament. Often the rings indicated a certain social status of the wearer. They were also needed for seals and signatures on documents. You find these variants in F jewellery also.

The contemporary use of jewellery rings is somewhat different from their ancient use. For example, in ancient Rome, rings were worn on all fingers. In England, they were tied to clothes or hands and in Germany, they were sewn onto headdress.

Today, people give each other jewellery rings as a symbol of invisible connection, of unity. Modern jewellery shops offer a wide range of simple and intricate rings, varying in design, shape, number and size of gemstones on them as well as in prices. The latest technologies and long-standing traditions make it possible to create rings - magnificent unique jewellery - for both men and women.

Rings for men and women

Conventionally, all the rings in the F jewellery assortment that you can buy are divided into women's and men's rings. More so, of course, for their design and style. You can see the photos. There are also universal inexpensive, unisex models. However, let's take a look at how rings differ by gender.

The assortment of women's rings today is traditionally richer compared to men’s ones. It is because the jewellery market focuses primarily on beautiful women. However, although there are not many male options, it is worth noting that they were the first in this type of jewellery even at a time when they did not even think about the processing of metal.

Types of women's rings:

  1. Engagement rings.

  2. Wedding rings. These range from a classic smooth rim to a scattering of stones and intricate patterns.

  3. Solitaire. An ornament in the form of a simple headband with a solid stone.

  4. Chastity. A woman's rings with pebbles or with a knot indicate a special status of the relationship.

  5. Eternity with its corresponding symbol.

  6. Cocktail. Jewellery with an unusual pattern and eye-catching designs.

  7. Phalange.

Types of men's rings:

  1. Wedding. These rings are the first to come to mind. Men's engagement ring designs tend to be more restrained and austere.

  2. Rings with stones. Instead of a flat platform, there is a precious or natural stone. Stones of dark or light, opaque colours are often chosen for these pieces of jewellery. For example, onyx, obsidian, agate. Though light stones of dull colours such as various quartz and opals will look appropriate.

  3. Signet. Their original purpose is indicated by the name itself - the flat area of the ring was used as a personal seal. Often, the site looked like a family coat of arms.

  4. Subculture rings. These are pieces of jewellery, most often with a fancy design, that clearly demonstrate a man's belonging to a particular movement - punks, rockers, bikers or goths.

Platinum 0.50cts round brilliant-cut Diamond half Eternity Ring 3mm

Jewellery such as rings instantly draws attention to a woman's hands. Therefore, it is important to follow some rules of their wearing culture. For example, this piece of jewellery with large stones is not customary to wear during the day. Several massive rings from the F jewellery catalog on one finger are considered bad form. Young girls are strongly advised to wear delicate, graceful jewellery on their fingers. A dainty ring is also best worn with a bright manicure. These are the best choice. You can buy them in our shop at an affordable price.

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