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Finding student accommodation can be challenging at times, especially if you want to stay close to your university and avoid all these transportation matters among other things. If you do not have the luxury of staying on campus or living with your family, there are certain things you must consider: saving the funds, remaining in a safe area, and finding the best proposal.

7 Tips For Finding Student Accommodation

  • Turning To Close Friends.

First of all, you must talk to your close friends who know your demands and understand what you want. Sharing a room with someone you know well is always the best option. It is not only safer but also much better as you can stay together and share many things if you share the same room.

  • Contacting Your University or College.

These are known as the “Residence Halls” in most educational institutions. In the majority of cases, you will be guided further on as you start with your search. It is the best option for those learners who come from another country. If forming your rental ad or a letter to the landlord about who you are is challenging, think about turning to LetsGradeIt to receive some writing assistance. When you have a good presentation, you will have more luck!

  • Local Real Estate Agencies.

Do not forget about turning to the local real estate agencies who may have certain objects that can be rented. As a rule, there are landlords aimed at college students with more affordable prices. Moreover, you will deal with a certified agent who assists you with the paperwork.

  • Social Media Searching.

Take your time to look through various ads on Twitter and Facebook by visiting online groups for students or city/village groups. Always check things twice though for reliability! In any case, you may be able to find fresh accommodation proposals online.

  • Exploring Local Newspapers.

If you would like a small British area, take your time to check the local newspapers for rental ads. This way you will find cozy proposals in the countryside that won’t cost a fortune.

  • Local Authority Housing Advice Centre.

Even though you may turn to the list of the best accommodation websites to find an apartment as a student, it might not be the best idea. Since there will be outdated entries with old prices and incomplete information, things instantly become risky. Turning to GOV.UK, which stands for Public Sector Information is always safer, depending on the area where you are in. 

  • SpareRoom Service.

It is a great service online that will help you look for verified options. Regardless if you would like to rent a house, a single room, or even something with a person who is also from your native country (if you are an exchange student), it is the best way to go!

Remember The Common Sense Rules

When you choose student accommodation, do not forget about making the right choice by exploring the basic safety rules. If something sounds too good to be true, it most certainly is! Take a trustworthy friend along to check things twice, ask for legal proof of the landlord’s registration, check electricity, and learn more about the neighborhood by taking a simple walk around the area. It will always help you to stay safe and avoid getting in trouble!


As an educator and researcher, Barbara loves sharing her knowledge in the fields of education, technology, and land management. Her posts are always accessible and inspiring. Follow Barbara to learn and make your dreams and plans come true.

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